Estonian EU external border programme


On 19 May 2021, the 10th Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) meeting took place online. The JMC members from Estonia and Russia, representatives of the European Commission and TESIM project, and staff of the Managing Authority and Joint Technical Secretariat met to assess the implementation of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme and discuss plans for future.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Vsevolod Vovchenko, Head of Unit, Department of Development of integration projects and CIS countries, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

The past period has been challenging for all parties due to restrictions caused by pandemic, therefore, it is delightful to witness progressing of 4 Large Infrastructure Projects and 30 standard projects operating in the border area of Estonia and Russia.

At the meeting the Managing Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat presented:

1.      State of play of Programme implementation, including:

  • Information on management and monitoring activities,
  • Implementation and contracting of projects – results and challenges,
  • Information and communication activities

2.         Documents related to the launch of the 4th Call for proposals including Guidelines and timeline

3.      Proposal on the changes of Technical Assistance budget for whole 2017-2023 period

4.      Overview of state of play of programming process for period 2021-2027

The representatives of the European Commission Ms Tanya Dimitrova and TESIM project Ms Iveta Puzo provided valuable input into the discussion of the documents, including solutions to current issues and plans for the new programming period.
The JMC members discussed and approved a list of decisions regarding the implementation of the Programme, including most important:
to launch 4th Call for proposals on 3 August 2021 with the Applications submission deadline of 9 November 2021;
– to approve changes № 6 of the Project Implementation Guidelines.

The essential information was presented about activities and plans of the Programme’s Audit Authority by Mr Mart Pechter, Lead Auditor.

Next, 11th JMC meeting is planned in November 2021.