Estonian EU external border programme


On 29-30 November 2022, in Räpina and Tartu (Estonia) took place the 13th meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of Estonian EU external border programme to get acquainted with the state of play of programme implementation and with project results on site, as well to summarize activities of the year 2022.

Important items on the agenda were related also to discussions and approval of work plans and documents for the coming year.

With the decision of the JMC, there were approved Work Plan, Technical Assistance budget, Information and Communication Plan for the year 2023. Among other, the decisions were taken on approval of changes in Project Implementation Guidelines and on timeline for preparation of the new, 6th Call for proposals.

Information on European Commission new regulation proposals and related practical issues were introduced by the representatives of DG REGIO and TESIM project. 

Site visits to projects in South-East Estonia demonstrated the results achieved within two large infrastructure projects “Common Peipsi 2” (ER2) – Räpina and Värska harbours, Lodjakoda in Tartu and “SME Access” (ER1) – Saatse road, and open call project “Active Village” (ER94) – freezing centre in Obinitsa.

The meeting was chaired by Margarita Golovko, head of European Territorial Cooperation Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia.