Estonian EU external border programme


Following news about ratification of the Financing Agreement by the Russian Federation and its entry into force from the 1st of January 2019 the Programme Managing Authority (MA) may sign Grant Contracts with the Lead Beneficiaries of the projects selected for award. 

The contracting process implies two steps. First step is conclusion of Partnership Agreement between the Lead Beneficiary (LB) and partners, which regulates their obligations and responsibilities during project implementation. Second step is signing Grant Contract by the MA and LBs to ensure legal force to start projects.

To support the efficient launching of the selected projects Joint Technical Secretariat will organize three seminars by Thematic Objectives (TO) for Lead Beneficiaries and Beneficiaries in the Programme area.


The thematic seminars are scheduled for March 2019:

TO 5 – on 12-13 March in Tartu

TO 1 – on 14-15 March in Pskov

TO 6 – on 20-21 March in St.Petersburg

Partners from all projects can participate in any seminar.

To facilitate the smooth start of the CBC activities the Programme requirements for project implementation will be presented during two-day events. Also project individual consultations with Joint Technical Secretariat will be available.

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