Estonian EU external border programme


The start of the quality assessment procedure was given at the 6th meeting of the Selection Committee (SC)/Introductory Session for 3 Full Application Forms (FAFs) of the 2nd Call for proposals on 20th February, 2019 in St. Petersburg.  

Cross-border cooperation within these projects is contributing to the fire safety and reduction of land- and forest fires in the border region of Estonia and Russia.

During the meeting Selection Committee members were introduced to the results of the FAFs Administrative Eligibility check.

After discussion the distribution of applications for Quality assessment among the SC members was approved, as well as the external expert from the Estonian side to be involved in the above procedure.  

Sufficient time of the meeting was dedicated for Introduction of MEMO for assessors, including agreement on a harmonized interpretation of assessment criteria.

The following timeline of the 2nd call implementation was agreed:
– 24th April 2019 – Selection Committee meeting;
– 25th April 2019 – JMC decision on selected  projects;
– June – starting the procedure of Grant contracting.