Estonian EU external border programme


On 4-5 October 2017 the 3rd meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of the Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme 2014-2020 was held in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The meeting was chaired by Ms Svetlana Bibichkova, Head, Regional and Cross Border Cooperation Development Unit, Department for Development and Regulation of External Economic Activities, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.


Discussion was focused on decisions and proposals of the Selection Committee of the 1st call for Proposals, approval of the ranking list and shortlist of the Applicants of the Project Summary Forms (PSF) to be invited to submit Full Application Forms (FAF). As a result altogether 42 projects were chosen to proceed from the whole list of 76 Applications submitted, high competition remains in FAF stage of the 1st call.


An official letter to the Applicants from the Programme’s Managing Authority (MA) together with the JMC recommendations will be sent in the nearest future. According to the implementation time-line for the 1st Call of Proposals, FAFs are to be submitted in eMS by the deadline of 14th February 2018 and final decision on Programme’s grants award is planned to be done at the end of June 2018.


Preparation process of FAFs will be supported by the staff of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) of the Programme.  Information seminars will take place in November-December 2017 in Tartu, Pskov and St.Petersburg. Individual and group consultations will be held in January in JTS main office in Tartu, as well as in the JTS branch offices in Pskov and St.Petersburg. Registration to the seminars will be opened in the second part of October. All Applicants and partners of approved projects (PSFs) will receive invitations to the seminars. A number of other topics related to the Programme’s implementation was discussed during the meeting: state of play of Programme’s implementation, time-line of next steps for the 1st Call for proposals, overview of submitted Large Infrastructure Projects FAFs, EC Day-2017 celebrations, approval of Description of Management and Control System (DMCS), upcoming events and draft work plan for 2018.

Members of the JMC were also introduced by the representatives of the Russian Federation with the state of play of the Financing Agreement ratification process to be over by the end of 2017.


Next meeting of the JMC is planned to take place 19-20 December 2017 in Pskov, Russia, with the focus on preparations of working documents for upcoming year 2018.

Please visit the photo gallery of the meeting HERE