Estonian EU external border programme


On 31 December 2021 Joint Monitoring Committee of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2012-2020 approved Administrative Eligibility Check (AEC) Report of the 4th call for proposals, with 8 successful applications of the 9 applications submitted in eMS till the set deadline of 9 November 2021.

The proposed projects’ ideas will contribute to the capitalization of the outputs and results of more than 10 already awarded projects to ensure higher impact of Estonia-Russia CBC Programme on the Programme territory and beyond the border regions.

Successful applications are to be evaluated further on, the second step – Quality Assessment, which will be carried out by the Selection Committee. The final decision on the grant award for the project will be done by Programme’s Joint Monitoring Committee with contracting of selected projects planned for May-June 2022.

We thank all Applicants and partners for the submitted project applications.

Please see an overview of the key figures of the 4th Call for proposals after AEC HERE.