Estonian EU external border programme


9th meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) took place on 25 November 2020, chaired by Ms Margarita Golovko, Head of European Territorial Cooperation Unit, Regional Development Department, Ministry of Finance.

The Programme is in the middle of the implementation period with 26 regular and 4 Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs) working in the cross-border area of Russia and Estonia and their assessment namely at this point is crucial.  

At the meeting the Managing Authority (MA) and Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) presented Programme state of play including:

  • information about Programme’s mid-term evaluation;
  • Result-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) and risk assessment on projects’ level;
  • information and communication activities;
  • calls for proposals, projects and LIPs implementation and contracting;
  • current challenges and solutions for the implementation of projects and Programme in the COVID-19 pandemia.

The provided information about the Programme’s standing to date has created requested ground for discussion and approval of the key documents for the year 2021:

  • Work Plan;
  • Information and Communication Plan;
  • Technical assistance budget;
  • Controllers’ Checklist for the 3rd Call for proposals and changes No2 in the Controllers’ Checklist for the 1st, 2nd Call and LIPs.

In the last part of the session the essential information was presented about activities and plans of the Programme’s Audit Authority by Mr Mart Pechter, Lead Auditor.

Next – 10th JMC meeting is planned in May 2021.