Estonian EU external border programme


One more project awarded within the 3rd Call for proposals “Development of municipalities by way of boosting the healthy lifestyle” – HealthyTomorrow (ER147) was launched on 1 February 2021.

Two partners: Rural Municipality of Põlva (Estonia) and Administration of Strugo-Krasnensky district of Pskov region (Russia) will implement the project during one year to boost cooperation between both municipalities and their sport schools, also will develop the new sport services and increase the awareness about healthy lifestyle among inhabitants of border regions.

To promote a healthy lifestyle for local residents through different sports activities, including winter sports (skiing, Nordic walking) the following steps will be done in the frame of project:

  • Activity coaches in Estonia will be trained to be able to instruct the people who want to take part in group trainings for maintaining their health;
  • Sport club for healthy lifestyle admirers will be created on the basis of Strugo-Krasnensky sports school in Russia. Sport club is foreseen for both- youth and the “mature” category of the population;
  • Study-visits for civil servants and sport school trainers, joint training sessions with participation in international sports events for young people and non-professional adults will be organized.

To improve the accessibility of the population to sports services project partners will purchase sport and physical training equipment.

The project overall budget is EUR 111 100 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 99 990.

Project is supported under Programme Thematic Objective 5 – Support to local and regional good governance.