Estonian EU external border programme


This year European Cooperation Day (EC Day) celebration took place in 4 different cities of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme area: Tallinn, St.Petersburg, Narva and Pskov.

First activities started with presenting cross-border cooperation benefits in the capital of today’s Presidency of the EU, in Tallinn (Estonia) during kick-off public event in Solaris shopping mall.




St.Petersburg (Russia) took over the celebration and the Programme marked its participation in the 10th St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum demonstrating its current state of play at the exposition “St.Petersburg global and regional partners” and the role of territorial cooperation in development of border regions at the round table.

Following EC Day activities in an annual Innovation Forum a lively discussion in Narva (Estonia) among students from Estonia, Russia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Hungary focused on challenges and opportunities of cross-border cooperation. Afterwards breathtaking scenery with sails within Regatta attracted locals and visitors to Narva river coast where also captivating workshops for children, photo hunting contest and field kitchen were organized to make the ECDay celebration unforgettable this year. Find more information about EC Day in Narva.




Business Breakfast with cross-border actors and students started EC Day celebration in Pskov (Russia) in the last day of September to raise awareness of the local youth about benefits and possible challenges on holding business in border regions. The breakfast was followed by a symbolic 6-meter length Neighborhood Roll making with joint cooperative efforts of neighbor countries’ representatives and students competition in potato pancakes preparation.