Estonian EU external border programme

-Instructions on applying for additional financing for implementation of Large Infrastructure Projects and Annexes.  This document applies only to Large Infrastructure Projects. Deadline for submission of applications is 22 October 2019.  

Communication and Visibility Instructions for Estonian beneficiaries (applicable from 24 Feb 2022 until further notice. Updated 30 May 2022 (chapter 1)) 
-Communication and Visibility Guidelines for Implementation of Projects   (Changes No1 approved on 5 Sept 2019) contains compulsory requirements and guidelines for all projects supported by the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme in order to ensure visibility of project activities and results.

-Project Implementation Guidelines (Changes No7 approved on 30 November 2022) is providing practical assistance for Lead Beneficiaries, beneficiaries on project implementation requirements.
    Procurement rules and tender procedures  – Annex I to Project Implementation Guidelines
    Award of procurement contracts by Russian private beneficiaries – Annex II to Financing Agreement of  the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020

-Template of Grant Contract for the Implementation of the Project  sets out the contractual obligations and responsibilities of project implementers.
   Unofficial translation of the template of Grant Contract (in Russian)
   Unofficial translation of the template of Grant Contract (in Estonian)
Template of Grant Contract for implementation of 4th Call Project

-Model Partnership Agreement provides a framework for project partners of approved projects to lay down provisions for distribution of responsibilities within project. 
   Unofficial translation of the Model Partnership Agreement (in Russian)
   Unofficial translation of the Model Partnership Agreement (in Estonian)
Model Partnership Agreement for the 4th Call projects

-Guidelines for contracting in eMS
-eMS Manual for FLC and external auditors
-Content overview of controllers/auditors check-list in eMS

Payment Request Template
Timesheet template  updated on 06 May 2020
Request for changes form.  Beneficiaries should implement the project as defined in the grant contract. However, if a minor change or major modification is required in your project, it is recommended to consult and inform JTS before submitting your request by e-mail. 

-Methodology for checking expenditure documents by public officers and external auditors in force till 14 April 2020
-Methodology for cheking expenditure documents by public officers and external auditors in force from 15 April 2020
– Procurement checklist for auditors of Russian Beneficiaries
– Template calculation for Office and administration costs

-Template for submitting project event information