Estonian EU external border programme


On 21 March the Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 received the European Commission decision on the approval of five Project Summary Forms of Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs). The approval of the Project Summary Forms by the European Commission opens new phase – preparation of the Full Application Forms of the LIPs.


These projects aim to preserve the cultural heritage, to develop tourism and business potential of the border region, to contribute to the protection and improvement of the transboundary Lake Peipsi and to quality of joint water assets.

Planned LIPs are stated in the Joint Operational Programme of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme:

  • Development of historical riverside protection area in Narva/Estonia and Ivangorod/Russia III stage (River Promenades III)
  • Development of the unique Narva-Ivangorod trans-border fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourism object. 2nd stage
  • Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi area 2 (Common Peipsi 2)
  • Improvement of the accessibility of the remote areas in South-East Estonia and Pskov region for traditional entrepreneurship and sustainable development (SME ACCESS)
  • Reconstruction of border crossing points: Shumilkino (RU)-Luhamaa (EE)

Total indicative amount of Programme funds allocated to Large Infrastructure Projects is MEUR 20,47.

Large Infrastructure Projects are strategic cross-border cooperation investment projects identified by the Programme and are contracted through the direct award procedure.