Estonian EU external border programme


Sigulda, Latvia


Project event


Ms Liisi Lees, e-mail: [email protected]

Two training seminars are scheduled in Estonia and Latvia to introduce the PW4B portal and its functionality.

Each session will last a maximum of 4 hours. The first part of the training involves the portal developers presenting an overview of the portal, followed by practical exercises where participants can use the portal with guidance from the trainer. 

The second part includes collecting at least 10 feedback forms focused on portal functionality, such as its effectiveness, the need for further developments, and user-friendliness. This feedback will be used to enhance the portal’s functionality and user experience.

The training seminars are with a particular emphasis on the public sector, including ministries, environmental agencies, researchers, as well as private companies and NGOs involved in environmental impacts and assessment.

ADRIENNE+ associated partners from Estonia, Latvia, and Finland will be invited to participate in the training seminars. Their valuable input and recommendations will contribute to improving the practical use of the portal, ensuring it meets their specific requirements and enhances its overall efficiency.

The organization of the training seminars will be handled by UTartu and BEF Latvia.

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Overall objective of the project ADRIENNE+, supported within the 5th Call for proposals, is to improve the ability of stakeholders to use the PlanWise4Blue portal for cross-border planning and management of the north-eastern Baltic Sea region, to identify environmental risks, to formulate suitable actions to cope with cumulative pressure of human uses,  and to increase environmental awareness among the general public.