Estonian EU external border programme

14.07.2020 - 15.07.2020


Online: Tallinn, Narva, Ivangorod, St Petersburg


Project event


Due to the current situation we are confined in our homes and flats. As if the walls and empty streets cut us off from each other. But today we are especially able to understand each other even if only yesterday we spoke different languages. The context of our existence creates a common ground for a dialogue. This is the idea that the authors of the Babylonian Walk develop using the example of two countries — Russia and Estonia.

Several strangers from Tallinn, Narva, Ivangorod and St. Petersburg will simultaneously go for a walk in their respective locations, on familiar territory. At the same time they will join a Zoom conference and show each other and the audience their surrounding reality and answer the questions of the moderators. What kind of questions? About their day, about their fears and dreams — about everything that unites people whatever language they speak. – on Estonian territory – on Russian territory

The first Babylonian Walk took place during the Spontaneous Program of the Access Point festival. We wandered in Italy, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA and Germany. Later — also in the former Soviet Union countries. The play is designed as a module system — the same shape works for different historical and cultural contexts, and with every performance the audience is prompted to think about going beyond boundaries — geographical as well as mental.