Estonian EU external border programme


Pskov, St.Petersburg (Russia), Tartu (Estonia)


Programme event

To support the preparation process of project applications (project summaries) the Joint Technical Secretariat is providing consultations for potential applicants and partners in Estonia and Russia.

Consultations take place as following:
09 February in Pskov, Russia
12 February in St.Petersburg, Russia for applicants and partners from St.Petersburg and Leningrad region
13 February in Tartu, Estonia

Applying for consultation, please register in advance by contacting Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) or send an e-mail: [email protected].
Please see proposed timetable HERE.

2nd Call of the Programme is targeted only to Programme area `Fostering shared actions in risk management and a readiness to cope with environmental disasters` under the Thematic Objective (TO) 6 `Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption. Programme is looking for project ideas which contribute to decrease of the overall number of land- and forest fires per year.

If you plan to submit the application or have additional questions you are welcome to consult with the JTS.

Eligible applicant and project partners are national, regional and local authorities, public equivalent bodies, NGOs, educational organisations.

Please find the Announcement of the 2nd Call for proposals HERE.

Please find the Guidelines for the 2nd Call and respective documents for detailed requirements on our website HERE.

Call for proposals is open from 10 January 2018 with the deadline for submission of project applications (project summaries) on 7 March 2018 at 17.00 (by Estonian time).