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ER 101 GreenMind

Ederi Ojasoo 56636264

Estonia-Russia CBC program project ER101 “GreenMind: Raising Environmental Awareness in Estonian-Russian Border Area” has opened environmental advertisement contest about Lake Peipsi. The deadline of contest is prolonged till 10 February 2021.
The aim of the competition is to encourage people to behave more environmentally friendly through the art messages. Artworks should draw attention to the problems of Lake Peipsi (environmental, social, economic, etc.) and visions for the future; we also expect the authors to make notion on the cross border environmental issues.

It is an international competition that takes place in two stages.
– Stage 1 – national competition / separate competitions in Estonia and Russia;
– Stage 2 – international phase: study trip and a joint Estonian-Russian seminar in Pskov region, scheduled for June 2021.

We expect different forms of self-expression, which can be comics, photos, photo collages, videos and animations or a combination of different media. Each participant can submit up to two works. The target groups of the competition are: gymnasium students (15+ year); students, creative and environmental specialists, etc.

Poster of the contest.

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