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On 9 May we celebrate Europe Day in North-East Estonia in cooperation with Europe Direct Jõhvi and Europe Direct Narva.

Bus tour from Narva and Jõhvi takes participants to prominent public places in the region and gives an insight to facilities what are developed with the co-financing of the European Union in the external border region of Estonia, as well introduces its backstories.
The route also goes to Narva Kulgu port (project “Narva Leisure Cluster”) , Vasknarva harbour at the northern shore of Lake Peipus (project “Common Peipsi 2”), Narva Vaba Lava (project “NTIT”) which developments were supported by the Estonian EU external border programme.

With the Europe Day quiz, participants can test their knowledge of facts about the European Union, Interreg cooperation and Estonia.

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates unity and solidarity in Europe. It marks the anniversary of  the historic Schuman declaration presented in 1950.

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Photos by Matti Kämärä, Tatjana Zamorskaja, Nadezda Morozova, Svetlana Zaitseva, Liane Rosenblatt