Estonian EU external border programme




Programme event

On 30 August the European Cooperation Day (EC Day) was celebrated in Tallinn, Estonia.

Lively public event in Solaris shopping mall introduced to visitors the benefits of territorial cooperation and interested people were able to test their knowledge taking a little quiz and answering the questions about involvement of Estonia in cross-border cooperation (CBC) and to discuss the topics related to cross-border cooperation with representatives of the programmes.


For active involvement and answered questions participants received a small prizes connected with EC Day celebration.


Event was organised by Interact Programme, Estonia-Russia CBC Programme, Estonia-Latvia CBC Programme and Central Baltic Programme, national authority of the CBC Programmes in Estonia (Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia).


On 31 September in e-Showroom the results and practical benefits of three CBC projects in sphere of e-tools in public administration of Interreg and ENI CBC programmes were presented to the members of the European Committee of the Regions Bureau by the representatives of the projects.


EC Day campaign is taking place for the sixth year. ‘Sharing borders, growing closer’ is the motto for the celebration of the spirit of cooperation throughout Europe and beyond its borders.

Photos taken by Nino Feštšin, Vineta Šnore, Liane Rosenblatt.