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Pskov, Park at the shores of Mirozhka


Programme event

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On 18 September 2020 Estonia-Russia Programme will celebrate European Cooperation Day in Pskov, Russia.

This year the event devoted to the celebration of 30 years of Interreg will be held in the park on the shores of Mirozhka river. The park is reconstructed within the project “Bio Aware”.

The celebration will consist of the opening of symbolic small architectural form on the small historical island; Quest “Matter of Honor”, Quiz on biodiversity of the Pskov area. Besides we will get to know the connoisseurs of Estonian and Russian border regions. Live music will create festive atmosphere of the celebration.

Also we will greet our neighbors, partners, colleagues, friends from Räpina, Estonia via video bridge.

These open-air activities will demonstrate our invited guests the first achievements of cross border projects and cooperation of border regions in the sphere of environmental protection, tourism business development.

The event will be held in cooperation with Pskov City Administration.

Please visit the photo GALLERY of the event HERE.
highlights of the European Cooperation Day in Pskov on 18 September: