Estonian EU external border programme

5.07.2017 - 6.07.2017



Programme event

The first meeting of Selection Committee of the Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 will take place in Pskov, Russia on 5-6 July 2017.

Project applications of the 1st Call for proposals are evaluated by the Selection Committee with the assistance of the Managing Authority and Joint Technical Secretariat and results approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee. Administrative eligibility check of submitted Project Summary Forms (PSF) will be completed in late  June 2017 and followed by quality assessment.

Evaluation results of submitted PSFs within the 1st Call for Proposals of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme are expected to be announced in October 2017.

The Managing Authority will send a decision to applicant whether the PSF is recommended or not-recommended by JMC to submit the Full Application Form.
Deadline for submission of PSF within the 1st Call for proposals was 4 May 2017.

PS! Registration for the meeting of the Selection Committee is only for nominated persons.
Deadline for registration is 20 June 2017.