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Võru Linnagalerii, Liiva 13, Võru


Project event

ER58 "BestNest"

Vilve Oja, e-mail: [email protected]. Phone +372 554 1999  

The main goal of the exhibition “Meistrite kätega loodud” (in local dialect “Meistre kässiga luudu”) is to demonstrate handcrafted mastery artworks inspired by local traditions, skills and knowledge of people of Vana-Võromaa , and the uniqueness of this region.

Following  crafts techniques will be presented:

  • Knitwear (gloves-socks, hand warmers)
  • Weaving on looms
  • Belts (lettered belts and patched belts of different parishes)
  • Bags (both for shopping and fashion)
  • Felting
  • Pottery
  • Wood works (baskets, dishes, etc)
  • Blacksmithing (incl. traditional jewelry, charms, pendants, necklaces)

During the exhibition period, on 19 Aug and 20 Aug, creative classes will be held, where visitors can get to know more about handicraft creation and the masters presented. 
The organizer of the exhibition is NGO Vana-Võromaa Käsitüü in cooperation with Võru Town Government and Võru Institute.

The exhibition is open to visitors from 2 August to 9 September and is free of charge.

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