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Narva Museum, Peterburi maantee 2, Narva


Project event

ER3 Narva Castles 2

Narva Museum e-mail: [email protected]

On 28 November 2023 in the Reconditorium of Narva Castle takes place the final conference of the Foundation Narva Museum’s Large Infrastructure Project (ER3) Western courtyard reconstruction. You can follow the webcast of event.

Translation into English and Russian is provided.

The purpose of the conference is to summarize and present to the public the works and results of the project, tell about the discoveries that were made and how they affected what we already knew about the fortification and what we can learn from it.

The main speakers of the conference will be the people who participated in the implementation of the project and research activities. The Agenda of the conference and the link to the webcast can be found here.

The Large Infrastructure Project focusing on reconstruction of the Western courtyard and outer walls of Narva Castle is co-financed by Estonian EU external border programme in amount ca`MEUR 3,69. Partner`s total budget is over MEUR 4,26.

Photos by Ilja Smirnov.

Conference recording.