Estonian EU external border programme





Project event

ER65 Bio Aware

Tiina Hallimäe, [email protected] phone +372 5343 6302

During the opening event there will be guided tour in park, storytelling tent, handicraft workshop, demo shows and trainings. The event will end with little concert – Jaan Sööt and Tõun

Koreli park is attractive biologically diverse and environmentally sustainable urban area which is created together with citizens. In the park there are 132 trees and 2200 plants. It is unique in Europe because there are 28 different willow species represented.

Citizens have actively participated in planning and implementing processes.

18.00 guided tour in park

18.30-19.50 Activities: How effectively to train in outdoor fitness area, bodybuilder Imre Vähi; Petanque demo game, SK Küti Petanque; table tennis demo game, Võru Table Tennis Society; how safely to train in Parqour park, MTÜ Vabadussport, craft corner for children, Pokumaa.

19.50 Parkuurshow, MTÜ Vabadussport

20.00 Opening of Koreli Park and concert: Jaan Sööt and Tõun