Estonian EU external border programme



Vabaduse Str. 12/2, Võru town


Project event

ER58 Best Nest

Project Manager Mr Kait Kabun; e-mail: [email protected] or project assistance Ms Tiina Hallimäe; e-mail: [email protected] Website of the investment site (Ideekoda)

The construction work and furnishing of Võru Loomekoda (creative centre) has reached the final stage and the official opening will take place on 29 September 2023. During the event there will be a small-scale exhibition and introductory tour of the 2-story building. The event is aimed at key stakeholders and cooperation partners involved in the implementation of project.

The following day the newly built centre will be opened for general public.

The new creative centre offers versatile opportunities for acquiring and further developing new skills, and with its opening we also celebrate the Interreg Cooperation Day and the European Year of Skills.