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Saatse Museum yard, Saatse village


Project event

ER192 Active SME

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In the festival the seto cheesemaking traditions and local farms and producers are introduced and promoted to local people and visitors. There are practical traditional cheese (sõir) making workshops, cultural programme, cheese competition and small fair. Local farms from Saatse region open their doors and introduce their cheese and other local food products. For the event the improved infrastructure objects reconstructed in the framework of the Large Infrastructure project “SME Access” (ER1) are used.

The main goal of the project “Improving competitiveness of rural SME’s through transfer of good practices and the usage of the potential of infrastructure objects in Setomaa” (“Acive SME”) is to activate the rural SMEs in Setomaa and Võru region (Estonia) in order to use the potential of the infrastructure developed in previous projects and to involve SMEs in the future developments and to transfer the good knowledge gained from the establishment of the Freezing Centre in Obinitsa in frame of the project „Active Village“ (ER94).