Estonian EU external border programme

1.08.2023 - 4.08.2023

Setomaa municipality


Project event

ER187 Preserving heritage

Project Manager Ms Margit Säre, e-mail: [email protected]; phone: +372 508 8409

4-day summer camp will be held in Värska combined with field trips and excursions to other communities in Estonia. Children get the first-hand knowledge and experience of the richness of local nature and heritage. The target group of the heritage focused summer school is 20 Peipsimaa and Setomaa school students aged 10-15.

The activities are organized as an active learning, so that children can experience everything themselves. Experts and teachers from the relevant fields (handicraft, nature, tradition, etc.) are involved in carrying out the activities.
During the summer school the 2nd day a short seminar is organized for teachers offering an opportunity to directly share the knowledge and experience gained from the projects, and to plan possible future cooperation.

The instructors /educators  in the summer school are from Kodavere, old-belivers, Seto, Mulgi areas who will also learn about each other’s experiences. The project enables dissemination and acquiring of knowledge and practices from previous projects. 

Partners follow environmental friendly principles when organizing the event.

Agenda of the summer school. 

Overview of the event.