Estonian EU external border programme


Cesis, Latvia


Project event

ER248 Estonian Flag

Ms Lea Ruuven e-mail: [email protected]

What are the neighboring countries` experiences in managing and organizing the National Flag Museum and Community Centre?

A study visit to Cesis (Latvia) gives the participants the opportunity to exchange experiences and acquire new fresh ideas for the development and maintenance of Estonian Flag and Community Centre.

During the visit are planned:
-discussions and experience exchange with colleagues from Cesis Municipality about the municipality involvement and contribution to the functioning of the Museum (Flag Hall);

-a study tour in Cesis Central Library, where also documents and books related to the Latvian history and flag are kept;

– visits to Cesis Cultural Centre, Cēsis History and Art museum and Tourist Information centre. 

The study visit is aimed primarily at representatives and officials of Otepää municipality (Estonia).