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On November 10, 2020, the results of the Pskov regional competition “Peipsi pie” were summed up. 

The contest “Peipsi pie” was held by CuNaHe project (ER8) in order to popularize the recipes of traditional cuisine of the peoples living in the Peipsi lake region and increase the gastronomic attractiveness of the Pskov region.

Members of the organizing committee selected 10 most interesting recipes of traditional Peipsi pies from a large number of applications received from all municipal districts of this region – Pechorsky, Pskov, Gdovsky districts and Pskov city.

Due to COVID restrictions, the event was held in an individual format — each participant arrived at the appointed time and presented her product for the video camera recording. Video presentations and portions of pies were then delivered to each member of the jury.

The jury members had to evaluate the finalists’ works “blindly” according to the following criteria: the originality of the recipe, local flavor, taste, visual appearance and presentation.

In accordance to the results of evaluation sheets of judges the winner is Olga Bedskikh with her pie, the recipe of which has reached our days from her grandmother, who lived in Ershovskaya volost of the Pskov district.

The recipes of all finalists will be included in the booklet “Peipsi recipes”, which is planned for publication in late 2020 – early 2021.