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University of Tartu Museum, Lossi 25, Tartu


Project event

ER211 Film Cluster South

On 20 Aug 2023 the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries is hosting in South-Estonia location managers from the USA, Canada, Germany and Great Britain, who have helped to find shooting locations for A-class movies.

Six members of the Location Managers Guild International ( will carry out a panel seminar, where they share their experiences on location management of Hollywood film productions to those operating in the field in Estonia.

Overview about the event is published in “Postimees”  HERE.

Project “Developing the filmcluster in South-Estonia” (acronym “FILM CLUSTER SOUTH”)  is aiming to promote the film region South-Estonia, to develop the network and community and to increase audio-visual sector SME’s  competitiveness and entrepreneurship in South-Estonia.