Estonian EU external border programme

Vodokanal  Velikie Luki online workshop will focus on its experience in wastewater sludge dewatering equipment modernization.

During the workshop participants will discuss:

  • environment, water resources and conditions in which the Vodokanal Velikiye Luki operates;
  • current legislation for wastewater operation;
  • historical view and analysis of actual technologies for wastewater dewatering equipment;
  • modernization of wastewater cleaning plant and participation of EE-RU CBC Programme in it.

The event will be useful for specialists from municipalities to get acquainted with the analysis of existing technologies carried out during the project and practical experience in the modernization of treatment facilities with the involvement of financial support from international programmes.
This will help to build approaches to the organization of water treatment, taking into account the environment in which local water utilities operate. These approaches should contribute to the formation of reasonable tariffs and standards for the population, enterprises and water utilities themselves, the conservation of natural resources and an effective budget policy of municipalities.