Estonian EU external border programme


Project “Chudskoye/Peipsi Museums Ring” – PeipsiRing (ER164), the last of five projects selected within the 3rd call for proposals was launched in November 2021.

Two partners: Pskov regional public organization “Lake Peipsi Project” (Pskov, Russia) and “Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation” (Tartu, Estonia)will implement the project during 1 year assisting the Estonian and Russian border municipalities to actively and closely cooperate in the field of preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of the border regions.

2 organizations involved as associates: Mustvee Rural Municipality Government (Estonia) and Municipal budgetary cultural institution “Gdov museum of the region history“ (Russia) will be in the focus of the project with the view to build the capacity of the staff for the delivery of attractive and quality services for both domestic and cross-border visitors, and to develop Chudskoye/Peipsi museum rooms in Mustvee and Gdov as main regional hubs of tourist information about the lake.

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The partners will also elaborate a new tourist route uniting around-the-lake destinations and heritage centers into a cooperative network, a Peipsi Ring, strengthening the positions and cooperative connections of at least 20 such institutions.

Since the lake region is a home to four ethnicities (Russian, Estonian, Seto, and Vodja) and several socio-cultural groups (the lake’s islanders, Old Believers, etc.), Project will have a special focus on the multicultural and linguistic diversity.

The project overall budget is EUR 104 502,75 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 94 052,47.

Project is supported under Programme Thematic Objective 5 –Support to local and regional good governance Improving cooperation between local and regional authorities and their sub-units.