Estonian EU external border programme


On 29 December 2016 the Agreement on financing and implementation of Cross Border Cooperation Programme “Estonia-Russia” 2014-2020 has been signed by  the Director of Neighbourhood East of the European Commission Mr Lawrence Meredith, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Mr Alexander Tsybulskiy and Minister of Public Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia Mr Mihhail Korb.

The Agreement sets out the conditions for financing and implementation of the Cross Border Cooperation Programme “Estonia-Russia” 2014-2020 as described in the Joint Operational Programme adopted by the Commission (CRIS Decision number: 2015/039-049).

This Programme shall be implemented under shared management.

The total budget of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme is estimated at EUR 34 223 858, from it EU financial contribution to the Programme is set at EUR 16 807 524, financial contribution of the Russian Federation is set at EUR 8 403 762 and the Republic of Estonia EUR 9 012 572.