Estonian EU external border programme


Project is like a human being living its own unique life starting from the very birth. When a project is launched each one discovers incredible facts or has interesting findings at different stages of the life cycle.

Project partners have shared with us their first amazing facts and some achievements after 6 months of implementation.

The first step of fieldworks were carried out by project ER80 “ESTRUSEEL” on Lake Peipsi in June 2019. Small fyke nets were used for monitoring eel in Pedaspää Bay, Estonia. During the 21 nights of fishing 37 eels were caught and analyzed. It was very interesting to see that among these specimens all eel life stages were in present meaning that there is a considerable number of restocked eel in the area which chooses Lake Peipsi as its main habitat instead of Lake Võrtsjärv or small lakes where annual restocking programs are implemented.

Youth Camp in Obinitsa, Estonia, gathered together more than 40 youngsters from border regions of Estonia and Russia. They woke up with garmon music, learnt about homeland geography, history and culture, studied Estonian and Russian languages, tried cooking using traditional methods. Project ER52 “Heritage Teaching” is keeping old traditions alive by sharing them with the new generations because youth is the hope of our future.

The old barn in Setomaa was given a new breathing. A modern freezing centre for processing of horticultural products brings together local gardeners of South-East Estonia. Abundant barn has been reconstructed and new centre established by the project ER94 “Active Village” provides new possibilities to freeze berries, mushrooms and other horticultural products for later processing. Local farmers can now prepare jams, juices and other products with higher added value.

Project ER25 “NarvaWatMan” declared that first time in the history of river hydrological monitoring water flow measurements for the whole cross-section of the Narva river below the hydrological station Narva city (Estonia) are now carried out. Simultaneous measurements of water discharges will precise the accuracy of the total nutrient load entering to the Gulf of Finland.