Estonian EU external border programme


First seminar on reporting for Lead Beneficiaries and Beneficiaries of the awarded projects was held on May 15 in Pskov. More than 70 participants from Russia (Pskov region, St.Petersburg and Leningrad region) and Estonia took part in it. Interactive component together with practical tasks brought liveliness and ensured efficiency during the whole session. 92% of participants have assessed the seminar content as excellent and very good.

The purpose of the seminar was to introduce participants with procedures of reporting in electronic Monitoring System (eMS) in detail.

Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) presented Programme requirements and applied interactive methods to remind rules of eligibility of costs, visibility and possible changes during project implementation.

The best three respondents providing answers to questions were awarded with Programme souvenirs.

Afterwards reporting procedures and requirements in eMS were presented and practical exercises on preparation of reports followed. Participants, had possibility  to fill in their first report including the selection of applicable supporting documents in test version of eMS. JTS staff provided needed assistance to help to understand the logic of eMS.

Seminar was finalized with information on what and how will be checked by controllers and auditors.

A high interest and received feedback show that assistance in using eMS for reporting is required, therefore JTS plans to organize in June and August additional trainings to support beneficiaries in drafting of reports.

Please find seminar presentations HERE.