Estonian EU external border programme


The second step of the Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs) application process was launched on 23rd March 2017 when Estonia-Russia CBC Programme received the EC decision on approval of Project Summary Forms of 5 LIPs. From this day the Lead beneficiaries of the LIPs were invited to submit their Full Application Forms.


By the set deadline of 4th September all five LIPs have submitted Full Application Forms (FAFs). Verification of Application was started immediately by the JTS.


Within the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020, the large infrastructure projects are contracted only through a direct award procedure. The projects have been selected and agreed by the Joint Programme Committee (JPC) before submission of the Joint Operational Programme (JOP) to the European Commission. A list of all the LIPs proposed for selection without a call for proposals has been included in the JOP of the Estonia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

The identified 5 Large Infrastructure Projects are aimed at improvement of:

  • the historical promenade areas in Narva (Estonia) and Ivangorod (Russia) and conversion of the CBC area into attractive place as united tourist destination;

  • tourist infrastructure, reconstruction of dilapidated architectural and historical monuments in Narva (Estonia) and Ivangorod (Russia);


  • environmental friendly tourism services and products, conditions for traditional business environment in Lake Peipsi/Chudsko-Pskovskoe area;

  • business and living environment of border areas through traditional business promotion and better road infrastructure and traffic possibilities;


  • the security, efficiency and comfort of the border crossing and further travelling thus minimizing the negative effect of existing border barriers.