Estonian EU external border programme


Please find below information about eligibility of costs for activities cancelled due to the proliferation of Covid-19.

Position of the Managing Authority

Covid-19 has been recognized by the WHO as a pandemic[1], so it is considered to be a case of force majeure and costs for activities cancelled due to the proliferation of Covid-19 are eligible under the following conditions:

  • the insurance contract does not cover the expenses incurred, based on the decision of the insurer or other written document (e.g. insurance policy or general conditions of insurance);
  • the beneficiary has exhausted all possibilities to reimburse the expenditure incurred;
  • the beneficiary submits via e-MS with interim report:

– information on abandonment of activities, in case of simplified cost reimbursement methods merely this information will be sufficient;
– proof that the beneficiary cannot reimburse or can reimburse only partly the amount paid to the organizer of activity;
– credit notes (accommodation, airline tickets, etc.);
– documentation on expenses that have not been reimbursed.

As regards costs for activities cancelled due to the proliferation of Covid-19, which do not fall exactly under the description above, information about these costs must be submitted to the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS), and the eligibility will be consulted with the Managing Authority (Marina Suhhoterina, [email protected]), if necessary. After receiving positive feedback from the Joint Technical Secretariat it is allowed to insert these costs to the report.

The keyword “COVID” has to be added in the description field, when adding data about real costs to the List of Expenditures in the eMS field. This allows to find quickly these costs later if needed.

Due to the current restrictions to prevent the virus Covid-19 from spreading, the JTS team works in home offices, but we are still available for your assistance via regular e-mails and phones during the office hours.