Estonian EU external border programme


We are pleased to inform you that the Joint Monitoring Committee has approved the following Programme documents: Project Implementation Guidelines, template of the Grant Contract and Partnership Agreement.

Project Implementation Guidelines of the Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 is aimed to make the project realization an efficient and smooth process. Document provides practical assistance to the beneficiaries on eligibility rules for costs, procurement and financing rules, procurement procedures and other projects implementation requirements. This Guidelines applies to large infrastructure projects as well as to projects of the call for proposals and technical assistance budget expenditure.

Please find the Project implementation guidelines on our website HERE.

Grant Contract states a set of contractual obligations and responsibilities of project implementers. Grant Contract will be signed by the Lead beneficiary of projects selected for award and the Managing Authority.

Please see the template of a Grant Contract HERE.

Partnership Agreement provides a framework for project partners (beneficiaries) to lay down provisions for distribution of tasks, responsibilities and Programme`s financial contribution. Partnership Agreement shall be signed by the Lead beneficiary with all beneficiaries (project partners) before contracting.

Please see the model Partnership Agreement HERE.