Estonian EU external border programme


The awarded project ER29 “Improving the quality of shared assets by reducing their pollution load from utility sewer systems of towns and rural areas in the programme territory (Pskov area and South-Estonia)” (Emajõe-Pskov WMP-2) (Project) is officially launched from 1st of December 2019 and will be implemented by two partners: Municipal Enterprise (ME) of Pskov city “Gorvodokanal” (Russia) and Emajõe Waterworks Ltd (Estonia).

The project will contribute to improvement of ecological situation of Lake Peipsi and its ecosystem, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population living in Pskov region and Tartu.

During the project specialists from ME of Pskov city “Gorvodokanal” will obtain new knowledge from Emajõe Waterworks Ltd to create the most effective sewage monitoring system in Pskov which has never existed before in Russia in small cities. Also some equipment for washing sewage networks will be purchased by Russian partner. Conducting monitoring of  sewage networks operation  will allow to receive information on its location, to forecast potential overflow on maximum loads, record the most worn out sections of sewage networks, forecasting possible accidents and preventing leaks in the sewerage.

The monitoring system of Emajõe Waterworks Ltd will be upgraded and complete information of sewage systems in 12 municipalities in South- Estonia will be obtained to reduce the potential risks of pollution from wastewater.

The project will be implemented in the course of 24 months supported by the overall budget EUR 660 000,00 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 594 000,00.