Estonian EU external border programme


On 25 April 2023 the final, 17th meeting of the Selection Committee of Estonian EU external border programme was held in Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia. During the meeting the quality evaluation results of the project applications of the 6th call for proposals were discussed and ranked to present those to the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) for grant award decisions.

On 25-26 April at the 15th meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee in Ida-Virumaa, a decision to award 26 projects out of 61 submitted applications within the 6th Call for proposals was made.

The approved projects contribute to the environmental protection of the programme area, promotion of energy saving solutions, development of business and tourism environment in Estonia, support sport, culture and other initiatives on local and regional level etc. It was also possible to apply for support for activities intended for the adaptation of new immigrants from Ukraine.

Supported projects by Thematic Objectives (TO):
11 projects – “Business and SME development” (TO1)
4 projects – “Support to local and regional governance” (TO5)
11 projects – “Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption” (TO6)

The co-financing of the Programme in supported projects is over 5 million euros.

The Managing Authority informs the successful applicants about the JMC decision within 15 days after the meeting, and within further 15 days unsuccessful applicants. The decision of the JMC may include also the conditions to be fulfilled by project partners before signing the grant contract.

6th Call for proposals was open from 9 Dec 2022 until 2 Feb 2023 for the partners from the Republic of Estonia and it is focused on a short-term projects benefiting the eligible area of Programme. 

More information and conditions of the 6th call for proposals is published HERE.