Estonian EU external border programme


To ensure the qualitative verification of project reports and provide support in getting acquainted with legal framework, guiding documents and programme requirements for auditors of the awarded projects which have started implementation the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) organized a seminar in Pskov,Russia on 11 September.

Even the target group of the seminar were auditors for beneficiaries from Russia, project and financial managers were kindly accepted. The event gathered around 70 participants from 22 awarded projects.

At the event, the audience learnt the main criteria for checking reports. JTS and representative of Control Contact Point (CCP) in Estonia, Ruslan Prohhorenko, presented Programme requirements on budget set up, eligibility of costs and communication and visibility. In addition, usage of eMS for auditors during report verification was demonstrated by the eMS consultant.

Participants showed a high interest in the seminar content and 93% of the respondents evaluated it as excellent and very good. Many practical and technical questions were asked by participants and JTS provided clarifications. Till the end of September presentations, questions and answers will be published on Programme website in FAQ section in the chapter for auditors.

Please visit Gallery of the event.
Seminar presentations are published here.