Estonian EU external border programme


Preparation process of FAFs for all 42 projects chosen will be supported by the staff of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) of the Programme.
Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) is intending to support projects of the 1st Call in the Full Application Form (FAF) preparation using all scope of relevant instruments, including seminars, individual and group consultations, consultations by phone and e-mail and placing clarifications on the most “hot” issues on the Frequently Asked Question section of the Programme’s site.

Schedule of the planned seminars:
– 8th November, Tartu
– 5th December, Pskov
– 6th December, St.Petersburg

Taking into consideration specifics of the current Programme, focus of the information events will be on the development of the Logical Framework of the projects and practical instructions on elaboration of Full Application Form in electronic monitoring system (eMS) . Recommendations will be provided on project’s budget planning based on 3E Principles: Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness, and on observation of the Programme’s communication and visibility requirements.  Applicants and partners of approved projects (PSFs) will receive invitations to the seminars via eMS in the second half of October 2017. Individual and group consultations will be held in January in JTS main office in Tartu, as well as in the JTS branch offices in Pskov and St.Petersburg.