Estonian EU external border programme


The awarded project ER65 “Improving biodiversity and increasing awareness of environmental protection in regional centres in Estonian-Russian border area” (BioAware) has been officially launched during kick-off meeting on 23 May 2019 in Pskov.

Project will be implemented by four partners: Võru Town Government, Võru Upper Secondary State School, (Estonia) and Pskov City Administration, Municipal enterprise of additional education ‘Ecological-biological center’ (Russia). Also 6 associated partners will contribute to activities and success.

Project has two objectives:

  1. Raising people’s awareness of the importance of environmental protection and energy-efficient practices. This is planned to achieve through different events (campaigns, environmental days, games, puzzles, researches, youth and teachers’ exchanges, art project). Also educational materials for raising environmental awareness and the quality of education will be developed.
  2. Creation of attractive, biologically diverse and environmentally sustainable urban area in regional centres (Võru and Pskov) at the border for learning processes. Reconstruction of 3,9 ha in Pskov, shore of river Mirozhka (Russia) and 4,2 ha in Võru, shore of creek Koreli (Estonia) is foreseen. Attractive open air study and recreation areas, including small scale purification water asset in Mirozhka will be established to make formal and informal teaching and studying environment more attractive.

The project overall budget is EUR 619 683,00 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 557 714,68.