Estonian EU external border programme


Grant Contract for Large Infrastructure Project – “Development of the unique Narva-Ivangorod trans-border fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourist object. 2nd stage” (ER3) was signed on 21st of June. The project will be implemented in the partnership of Foundation Narva Museum (Estonia) and “Museum Agency” Leningrad Oblast State Institution of Culture (Russia).

The project coming under Thematic Objective (TO) 1 “Business and SME development” is a logical continuation of the project “Development of unique Narva-Ivangorod fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourist object” implemented within the framework of Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2007-2013.

The overall objective is to improve business and living environment by increasing the competitiveness of the cross-border region through continuing development of the Narva-Ivangorod trans-border castles ensemble as a single cultural and tourist product.                       

 Two specific objectives will be in the focus of the action:
– Increase in cooperation between project partners and existent operators, finding new service providers;
– Spreading knowledge acquired during the project activities to general public and specialists.

The project within the course of 36 months will deliver the following outputs:
in Narva fortress:
Reconstruction of the western yard, improvement of its logistics, conservation and restoration of yard’s outer walls;
Restoration of Kristervall bastion and creation of Italian-style bastions theme exhibition in it;
in Ivangorod fortress
Restoration and opening of the Big Powder Granary to visitors;

The project overall budget is EUR 6 200 000,00 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 3 993 499,99.