Estonian EU external border programme


The awarded project under TO6 “Improvement of housing energy performance level of public buildings through introducing innovative technologies and solutions in Estonia and Pskov region” – SaveSmart (ER15) is launched on 1 June 2019 and will be implemented by six partners: Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Võru City Government, Rõuge Municipality Government, Setomaa Municipality Government (Estonia) and Administration of Ostrov district, Administration of Porhov district (Pskov region, Russia).

Project will support improvement of housing energy performance level in Estonia and Pskov regions through introducing new technologies and solutions in order to encourage public sector to adopt a more environment-friendly level of behaviour.

The objective will be achieved through:

a) organizing awareness raising activities and trainings for municipal and regional level specialists from Estonia and Pskov region;

b) introducing the standard energy saving solutions and sample technical documentations for different types of public houses;

c) introducing the results in energy efficiency achieved in pilot objects: two public houses in Estonia and two in Pskov region as practical showcases.

The project overall budget is EUR 589 510,00 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 498 766,00.