NEXT period of Interreg CBC in focus

Cross-border co-operation to tackle joint needs and challenges that cross national borders and foster development of Estonian and Russian border territories is set to be continued.

In second half of 2019 the preparation process of new programming period for bilateral Interreg NEXT Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2021-2027 (Programme) was launched and a Joint Programming Committee (JPC) was set up for this purposes in spring 2020.

The decision making body, Joint Programming Committee consists of an equal number of representatives of regional authorities and ministries form Estonia and Russia with involvement of representatives of European Commission (DG REGIO).

Meetings of the Joint Programming Commitee:
1st JPC meeting was held in Tallinn, Estonia on 11 March 2020 where the Rules of Procedures of the JPC were approved and the decision taken about continuation of the State Shared Service Centre (SSSC) in Estonia as a Managing Authority for Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2021-2027 providing that the Joint Secretariat (JS) for the future Programme will be also set up within the SSSC.

2nd JPC meeting was held online on 4 June 2020 where the national priorities on Policy Objectives and Specific Objectives were discussed and views on future strategic activities were exchanged, as well two Task Forces were established.
The next meeting will take place in November 2020.

3rd meeting of the JPC took place on 17 Nov 2020. During the online session the Programme`s geographical coverage, management structure and action plan for identifying cross-border large infrastructure projects were agreed.

4th meeting of the JPC took place online on 17 March 2021 where the programme strategy and its management structure, state of play and further steps for preparation of joint Large Infrastructure Projects were discussed and results of stakeholders consultations were presented.

The next meeting will take place in May 2021.

The programming process and preparation of programme document is coordinated by National Authorities of two participating countries – in Estonia the Ministry of Finance and in Russia the Ministry of Economic Development.