Estonian EU external border programme

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) is a decision making body responsible for ensuring effectiveness and quality of the Programme implementation. The JMC takes the final decision on projects to be supported and amounts granted to the projects. Members of the JMC are representatives from national and regional level partners from the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation.

Managing Authority (MA) is an executive body having overall responsibility for managing the Programme and implementing decisions taken by the JMC; body responsible for efficient and correct management and implementation of the Programme. The MA is signing Grant Contracts with the Lead beneficiaries of approved projects, approves project implementation reports and initiates payments. Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia is the MA of the Programme.

Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) is a joint operational body assisting the Managing Authority and the JMC in carrying out their respective duties. The JTS is in charge of the day-to-day operational follow-up and financial management of the projects. It is participating in assessment of the Applications. The JTS is composed of international staff. The JTS is located in Tartu, the Republic of Estonia and hosted by the Enterprise Estonia. The JTS has Branch Offices in the Russian Federation located in St.Petersburg and Pskov. The JTS informs and supports potential beneficiaries of the Programme in the country where activities are envisaged.

National Authorities (NA) are national institutions responsible for the Programme development, relevant policy making and monitoring of the Programme on behalf of the participating countries. Their functions are implemented by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Control Contact Point (CCP) is a body acting as assistants to the MA and supporting the MA in the elaboration of guidance on expenditure verification, providing clarification and training on national rules (such as procurement, labour law, taxes, etc), as well assisting the MA during on-the-spot verification work in respective country.

Audit Authority (AA) Is a body which shall ensure that audits are carried out on the management and control systems, on an appropriate sample of projects and on the annual accounts of the Programme. Therefore AA is responsible for the preparation and approval of audit guidelines, the audit strategy for setting out the audit methodology, the sampling method, and the audit plan to verify and issue an opinion about whether the management and control systems of the JOP function effectively, and to verify the expenditure that has been declared; and for the coordination of all audit activities that are related to the programme.

Group of Auditors (GoA) A body which comprises representatives (one representative from each participating country) who are appointed by each participating country and assists the AA.