Estonian EU external border programme


Four project summary forms have been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme within the 2nd Call for proposals and are invited to submit full application forms.

Cross-border cooperation within these projects is contributing to the fire safety and reduction of land- and forest fires in the border region of Estonia and Russia.

Total planned cost of selected projects is MEUR 1,46 with requested grant EUR 1 284 679, while the available Programme financing is EUR 870 000.

Deadline for invited projects to submit full application form in Programme electronic monitoring system (eMS) is 12 December 2018.

Managing Authority of the Programme will send the decision letters to all Applicants of submitted projects.

2nd restricted Call for Project proposals was open in programme specific area “Fostering shared actions in risk management and a readiness to cope with environmental disasters” within thematic objective 6 “Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and protection”.

In total we have received seven project summary forms within the 2nd Call for proposals with the total grant requested EUR 2 012 419.

We thank all Applicants and partners of submitted projects for the interest and done work!