Estonian EU external border programme


To keep our beneficiaries and partners up to date with the requirements of the Programme the Joint Technical Secretariat organized two online information events. 

Webinar held on 28 April gathered auditors of beneficiaries from the Russian Federation. The event focused on project reporting and the most common mistakes identified from the first period of implementation. Representative of Programme Audit Authority and First Level Controller introduced the methodology of sample based check and public procurement check-list. Presentation on usage of eMS provided practical hints for simplification of tasks for controllers.
15 audit organizations were represented.

Another webinar on reporting, with around 40 beneficiaries from Estonia and Russia, was held on 19 May. It addressed topics and questions related to eligibility of expenditure regarding proliferation of Covid-19, also drew attention to the more frequent shortcomings in project implementation and reporting to ensure the eligibility of expenditure and gave useful knowledge on usage of eMS.

Presentations of events are available HERE.