Estonian EU external border programme



Name of Lead Beneficiary

Kohtla-Järve Town Government_ER13

Associated partners

ANO DPO “Sankt-Petersburg Institute of Business and Innovations”; Administration of municipal formation "Kingisepp municipal district“; Union of Ida-Virumaa County Municipalities; Administration of Municipal Formation Tikhvin Municipal Region of Leningrad oblast; Ministry of the Environment (Estonia)

Thematic objective

TO6 Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption

Start date: 01.12.2020

End date: 30.11.2022

Duration: 24 months

Specific area

Increasing awareness of environmental protection and efficient use of energy resources

Programme co-financing

369 261,79 EUR

Total budget

410 290,88 EUR


Leningrad region
Pskov region
Northeast Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (1)

Approach2Waste (completed on EST side) - ER13

Project will contribute to decreasing environmental risks in cross-border region by way of improving solid waste management systems, ensuring effective waste separation and constructing at municipal institutions modern waste collection points

The expected change generated within two years of the project’s implementation – increased knowledge and capacities of project’s partners and stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable waste management policies and methodologies.

Small scale investments on Estonian and Russian sides will support construction of 25 waste collection points in Estonia, Kohtla-Järve town; 10 waste collection points in Russia: Slantsy region and Pskov.

Serious attention will be paid to the raising awareness of the stakeholders of partners’ municipalities on the issues of improving solid waste management systems. Local training will be also organized for municipal institutions’ employees at their working places.

Project portfolio

“Slantsy: Hazardous waste removal and disposal” –  Newspaper “ZnamyaTruda”.

“The main thing is the interest of the population in separate waste collection” –  Newspaper “ZnamyaTruda”.

The regional operator for waste management held an open lesson for school children in Slantsy – Оperator for waste management.

In Slantsy, schoolchildren were told about waste sorting and recycling – “News of Leningrad region”

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