Estonian EU external border programme

Common Peipsi 2

Specific area

Improving the quality of shared water assets by reducing their pollution load (including improving wastewater treatment facilities, improving solid (household and industrial) waste management and relevant facilities, and reducing pollution that is caused by the agricultural sector

Programme co-financing

5 491 559,64 EUR

Total budget

6 698 873,95 EUR


South Estonia
Northeast Estonia
Pskov region

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (Large Infrastructure Project (LIP))

Common Peipsi 2 - ER2

Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi area 2

Common Peipsi 2 project aims to make border area as an attractive place both for its inhabitants and businesses through activities aimed at improving the environment conditions of the Lake Peipsi/Chudsko-Pskovskoe basin, living standards of inhabitants and investment climate for businesses.

Specific objectives:

  • To contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation of the Lake Peipsi basin
  • To support the development of water related tourism

Main activities:

In Estonia:  

  •  New contemporary small harbours’ infrastructure (e.g. stationary and floating piers, slips, facility for disposal of garbage, lighting, toilet, crane platform, etc) will be established in Värska, Luunja, Mustvee and Vasknarva of Alutaguse small harbours in Estonia; 
  • Construction of hall in Tartu, which will serve as a museum, demonstration site and as a educational-cultural centre about construction of wooden ships;
  • Further development of small harbours in Mustvee and Räpina: services, repair halls, water and wastewater facilities, places for yacht landing, recreation area, etc.

In Russia:

  • Reconstruction of 1 pure water station in Cheryokha village;
  • Reconstruction of 1 wastewater treatment facility in Pskov city (repair of aerotank #1 and replacement of air blower);
  • Construction of the contemporary mooring infrastructure in Tolbitsa village of Pskovsky area in accordance to environmental requirements;
  • Purchase of passenger vessel for regulating transport connection in the Pskov-Peipsi water area between mainland and islands in Pskovsky area for local inhabitants, entrepreneurs and tourists.

Project Portfolio

Opening of the concrete pier of Luunja Harbour in July 2021
Visit of  TV show “Elamusi täis Eesti” to Tartu Lodjakoda in July 2021.
Opening of the 1st stage of Vasknarva Harbour in July 2021.
Opening of the 1st stage of the South Mole in Mustvee in June 2021.

Photo gallery of completion of construction of Lodjakoda in Tartu, Estonia.

TV Reportage about installed equipment at water treatment plant, Gorvodokanal, in Pskov, Russia.

Article in “Pskovskaya Provintsiya” newspaper in Russian
Article ““Värska sadam valmistub uueks hooajaks” in “Setomaa” newpaper in Estonian
Article in “Mustvee Valla Teataja” in Estonian