Estonian EU external border programme

Connecting Through Music


Name of Lead Beneficiary

Räpina Music School

Thematic objective

TO5 Support to local and regional good governance

Start date: 01.04.2019

End date: 31.05.2021

Duration: 26 months

Specific area

Improving cooperation between local and regional authorities and their sub-units

Programme co-financing

142 713 EUR

Total budget

158 570 EUR


Pskov region
South Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (1)

Connecting Through Music - ER96

Promoting music hobby education and fostering cross border cooperation between the music schools in Pskov and Räpina

“Connecting Through Music” project contributes to improvement of cooperation between musical educational organizations in Pskov, Russia and Räpina, Estonia, to development of skills and promotion of music education as hobby and preparative education for further vocational or higher education.

Specific Objectives:

  • To facilitate to better co-operation between local municipalities and their sub-units;
  • To create socially and culturally attractive conditions in the regions.

Main Activities:

  • Organization of common student camps  and concerts in Pskov and Räpina to introduce different cultures, develop musical education and broaden the horizon of music students;
  • Establishing partnerships among music schools in border regions;
  • Professional development of teachers, exchange of experience and holding a series of training seminars;
  • Expanding the material and technical base of music schools by purchasing musical instruments. 

Project Portfolio

Project video 

3D tour of the renovated Music School in Pskov  

Final video concert of the project